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Learn why thousands of sites around the globe use RapidSec to protect from client-side attacks

The open nature of the web made it a success, but it also makes it vulnerable. With tens, hundreds, or thousands of resources loaded from your own or 3rd party servers, it becomes impossible to effectively protect against #XSS, #Clickjacking, #Formjacking, and other client-side threats.
Traditional Web security tools like WAF and RASP protect the Server-Side, but leave the Client-Side exposed to attacks.

Introducing RapidSec – The world’s first Client-Side Security and Monitoring platform.
Integrate seamlessly in minutes with the platform of your choice
Build a customized Content-Security-Policy, tailor-made to each and every page of your website, based on comprehensive telemetry and our AI-driven insights.
Allow or dismiss #CSP directive recommendations based on your live data.
Start with report-only mode for initial monitoring and learning, and gradually move your directives to enforce mode for actual real-time protection.
Within a few clicks, RapidSec generates you unique report-uri , along with two CSP policies, a strict report-only policy for monitoring and a less strict enforcing policy for protection to keep monitoring your site for any unusual behavior with decent protection without risking your site functionality.
Monitor and analyze your Client-Side and get full visibility of what’s actually happening in your website and the ongoing detected threats.
Get alerts for new violations to keep you on top of things in the dynamic web world.
Start your free trial of RapidSec today, and protect your web assets in minutes.

Stay tuned for many new features coming soon.

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